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LineJump is the only nightlife booking platform that allows users the ability to purchase an exclusive cover that enables skip-the-line privileges, giving you more time inside rather than waiting in line.
LineJump is currently only available for iOS. Don't worry we are hard at work and building for Android, and the web.
It's simple! You see a long line at your favorite nightclub or lounge and don't want your night to be wasted waiting right? People use LineJump to purchase their premium cover that gives them skip-the-line privileges and lets them walk right in with the VIP's. No more cash covers and no more wasting your night in a line again.
Find your venue. Purchase your LineJump. Skip the line. It's that easy. We don't complicate things here. We know you work hard for your nights out and we want to add to your experience!
If you are standing in the general line and purchase your LineJump. Walk to the front and let them know that you purchased a LineJump having your confirmation screen on your phone. You will be welcomed and let in with the other VIP's.
There are a specific number of LineJumps available for each venue. You can purchase up to 5 LineJumps for your group. Please note, all guests need to be present with the purchaser at time of entry.
Look your best, you're going out tonight! Nice jeans/slacks with dress shoes and a button down for you gents. Ladies, dress to impress—trendy and fashionable. Read more on your specific venue in the "About" section before purchase for more information.
It is well known that bottle service or table service is the only premium service nightclubs offer but venues who partner with LineJump extend other premium and luxury services to you! Skipping the line is just one of many benefits. We work with your favorite venues to offer unique luxuries to continue to enhance your nightlife experience.
Reach out to our LineJump team any time! You can reach us by phone/text at 415-662-8355 or shoot us an email at We want to make your night a great one so tell us how we're doing and what else we can do to make it better!

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