What is LineJump?


LineJump is evolving the way nightlife VIP services are offered.

Table service, also known as bottle service, is viewed as the only premium

service that nightclubs offer, but venues who partner with LineJump understand

the need to expand VIP services by offering additional premium conveniences and

luxuries to enhance the experience for those of us who have a thirst for nightlife.

Why Wait When You Can Skip!

Don't be that person standing in line watching the party from the outside.

Save time and skip the line with LineJump and see why people are so excited!

Why People Love LineJump

Getting inside a club has never been faster!

Before I found LineJump, I was always stuck wasting half my night in line. I'm so happy I
found this app!

No more cash.

I love how you can buy your cover and LineJump pass in one package. No need for cash or annoying ATM visits, it's all handled in the app.

The only way to skip a line.

Best thing to happen to the club scene. Skipping the line and a FREE DRINK, I'm sold! LineJump really does deliver premium
services at a
great value.

Must have app for nightlife!

I always saw people slipping money to the doorman to skip waiting in line. It looked awkward and seemed unfair. With LineJump, I'm able to pay a set premium through my phone without any hassle and I'm inside the club in less than 5 minutes!

LineJump gives you options!

It was raining outside and I had to wait in line with my girlfriends to get in the club. We each decided to buy a LineJump and within minutes we were able to walk right in! Pretty awesome app to have on the nights you don't feel like waiting.

I feel like a VIP.

There's no other feeling than walking past a long line, flashing your phone and walking right in. Thanks LineJump!